Manufacturing grows stronger in San Bernardino, Riverside counties

Eugene Montanez, owner of Allegra Marketing Print in Corona, said that every business owner he talks with — no matter the size of the business — says they are seeing significant increases this year.¬†

Let Us Design Your Mobile Website

Mobile websites are more and more important as the bulk of web searches are done on mobile phones. If users are directed only to your “normal” website, they may be disappointed and leave to a competitor. We would be happy to explain how inexpensive a mobile site or simply a mobile landing page could be […]

Ten Ways to Cut Your Printing Costs

1. Stick with standard finished sizes to reduce paper waste and minimize your costs. 2. Be careful when using bleeds, that is, color or images that run to the edges of the paper. Sometimes they require larger sheets that need to be trimmed, resulting in higher costs and longer production time. 3. Use color to […]